Race Driver 3

Race Driver 3

ToCA Race Driver 3is the third instalment in the ToCA series

It had to be Codemasters who gave a new tweak in the field of driving simulators. With the third in the series, the quality and variety reach a level never seen before. Cars, computer chips and game modes come together in a way which brought together all the good stuff of racing games. TOCA has come to the city...

Graphics: TOCA Race Driver 3 is presented again with a very good visual finish, thanks to a graphics engine that allows us to enjoy damaged vehicles in real time. In addition, the power is also shown with a total smoothness, without the slightest visible slowdown. Even when stress testing in certain areas it is noticeable that the game is fully fluid.

Entering in the game, TOCA 3 is presented as an evolution of the graphics engine of the second part. Well, this third instalment is the delivery of more and better, but overall not much differs from the previous at first sight. However, from the vehicles to the display of the damage has been improved through various effects and graphics optimized and various novelties in the form of the tours and classes of vehicles that we have not seen.

The menus we can see have a very high level. The design of the menu is very good, very visual and easy to understand, even those destined for mechanical configurations, they seem to be very clear and intuitive. Likewise, the cameras are varied and all very playable, and even have the option to look sideways to take control of our opponents.

In short, TOCA3 presents an appearance of great merit. All the vehicles listed in the race are likely to be victims of accidents that can cost us the loss of essential parts to keep running. The application of textures, the wide palette of colours, the big number of available circuit and the wonderful malfunctions in real time leave us very satisfied with the work of Codemasters.

The music section is fairly minor, especially because the most important will be to pay attention to our engine and the position of rivals during the race. The songs are for menus and replays. Nothing outstanding, but it is not a concept that should be important in a game of this nature.

María Noel Balla
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